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What does full turnkey mean?

Full turnkey means that everything is considered and managed, from consenting, design, site preparation, building, delivery, installation and connection to services. When complete, the pod/s are ready to accommodate and enjoy. As the entire project is managed, full turnkey caters for both national and international clients operating from afar.

Do I need Building Consent or Resource Consent?

If consenting is required, our planning team handles communication and logistics. An initial feasibility study on the site is conducted, which will determine if a consent is needed.

Is there an off-grid option?

Off-grid is definitely an option with Podular. Solar, pre-wire for solar, EV charging points, Homestar 6, triple glazing and many other energy efficient solutions are available as options.

My site has difficult access, can pods be built on-site?

Currently on-site building options are not available, however a pod can be helicoptered into location to accommodate for more complex, problematic sites.

I live on one of New Zealand’s near islands can you still deliver and install?

Several jobs are underway or have been completed on Waiheke island, Rakino and others. This is definitely an exciting option worth consideration.

How long does the whole process take?

Current time for the whole project is around 9 months depending on the project scope.

Is finance an option?

Podular has a relationship with Westpac who has a prefabricated loan option. They have a complete understanding of this area and can help the project to be realised.

Is there a show-home that I can view?

Podular adopts a system that provides a realistic idea of a Podular home. Factory tours are available, as are site visits to nearly or newly completed builds.

How can I find out what my home will cost?

An online, instant pricing tool on the Podular website navigates through the selection process and associated costs of the project. One of our team is available at anytime to discuss your project.

Can I customise my build?

Collaboration with our team will ensure a tailored solution for your project. In the initial stages a concept is created to establish a plan moving forward so that a customised tailored solution is the result.

I want some upgrades and additional items but they are not listed on your website

Most additional items can be sourced and provided as requested.

What insurance is provided?

Podular provides the folloiwng insurance certificates

  • Marine and Land transport
  • Public Liability
  • Builders Risk

I like your designs but I’m really not sure what I can do with my site?

Podular has a comprehensive planning team who undertake a site feasibility study to determine possibilities and the most effective and efficient way to build your home within consent regulations.

I like the idea of a ‘greener’ home solution. Is that an option?

The green home concept is an important part of Podular moving into the future. Homestar 6 standards, off-grid solutions, pre-wiring for solar are some of the choices. Double glazing is a feature of all models, with the additional option of triple glazing or thermally broken windows. An EV charging point can be integrated.

Is delivery nationwide?

Podular has five factories nationwide and can deliver to almost anywhere in New Zealand.

How do you cater for high wind zone, snow loading and coastal corrosion?

New Zealand is a country of extremes and Podular considered that when approaching the design of the pods. Consequently the designs are robust and can accommodate harsh conditions including high wind, snow and exposed coastal conditions.

What is the building stud height?

The standard height of the pods is 2.4m. However a maximum of 2.7m can be achieved on single level and 6m for the two level stack home.

What site preparation is required?

Podular carries out all site preparation and civil works as part of the turnkey solution.

Can I chose electric or gas heating?

Both are offered as options, however, with the impending government retreat away from gas, electric could be a more attractive choice.

What building method is used?

The tried, tested and proven traditional wood truss and frame method is adopted.

Is a lean-to roof the only option?

As well as a lean-to design, Podular also offers the option of gable roof structures.

Can my home have underfloor heating?

Underfloor heating is an upgrade option that can be integrated into any part of the dwelling.

What is the typical insulation rating?

The insulation rating is 2.6 R.

What type of foundations are used?

Pole and concrete is the typical method however other site specific options can be explored for the best outcome.

Can more pods be added in the future?

One of the benefits of the Podular model is that it is a modular system which allows additional pods to be added in the future.

Can the healthy home standard be met if we are building a new build to rent?

Yes the standard will be met, heat pumps are a popular addition. Podular is Homestar accredited.

I have a development scheme and want to build several houses. Can this be done?

Additional to single dwellings, Podular builds terraced apartments and multiple unit dwellings. These developments are customised for each proposal.

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