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Our Process

We’ve simplified the building process to ensure that your journey towards your luxury pod is easy, transparent and enjoyable – right up to the transfer of the keys and beyond.

The Steps

The Podular process is outlined below with the key stages in the process towards the realisation of your Podular dwelling.









01 Preliminary

This is completed on the website and offers high level project pricing. Please call our sales team at any stage to further discuss options.

Once you have configured your Pod online, our configurator will send a request for our sales team to check and provide feedback.

Timeframe – 1 to 2 days

02 Feasibility and Concept Design

A study is completed by our in-house design team. This document covers all aspects of the project from town planning, civil works, resource consents, logistics and feasibility.

Timeframe – 14 days
The cost is $1000 for the feasibility study

03 Pricing and Confirmation

The feasibility study is discussed and a fixed price is presented for the project. The price may be conditional, but this will be transparent and will be confirmed as the project progresses.

Timeframe – 30 days

04 Design and Specification

One of our in-house architectural designers will manage the design and specification process for your project and will generate site and floor plans. A construction contract is issued with insurance certificates. Your order is placed and deposit is due.

Timeframe – 30 days
Deposit is due

05 Building Consent

Prefab and relocation consents are lodged with respective councils.

Timeframe – 30 days
First progress payment is due

06 Construction

7 to 10 days after consent submission, construction commences in one of the Podular factories nationwide. However for on-site builds, building begins when consents have been issued and the timeframe for this is about 90 days.

Timeframe (depending on complexity) – 120 days
Second and third progress payments are due

07 Delivery and Connection

Once complete, the pod or series of units are lifted onto a truck, transported to site and lifted into place. Fixed to foundations, then connected to applicable services, your pod is ready.

Timeframe – 30 days
Fourth progress payment is due

08 Compliance

Once complete, the pod will be issued with a code of compliance certificate and it’s time to enjoy your new Podular dwelling.

Timeframe – 30 days after practical completion and dependent on the respective council
Final progress payment is due

Do you still have any questions?

Use the contact form to ask us anything, but first take a look at our frequently asked questions